April 30, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


Shu Uemura has finally hit Montreal

As I mentioned, I went to the opening of the Shu Uemura counter at Holt Renfrew in Montreal last week. The upscale makeup collection is nothing short of impressive. The Tokyo Lash Bar is my favourite part about the beauty counter. When you purchase a pair of flase lashes, a makeup artist will apply them for free so you can head out for the evening with them. Plus, they’re reusable.

I walked away with a goodie bag that contained some of Shu Uemura‘s best products and I just love them. My first fave is the red Matte Cream Lipstick. I’m really into red lips this year but it’s really hard to find a shade that suits my skin tone. I believe there’s a red for everyone and mine is from Shu Uemura. It’s a creamy lipstick and the shade isn’t as intense as it looks. It lightly stains my lips with red for a totally sexy pout.

I also like the High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil. I have dry/combination skin so I’m not sure how it would work for extra dry or oily skins, but I really like this product. It’s an oil-based cleaner that hydrates the skin without leaving it with a greasy film. It really gives a deep feeling of clean.

If you’re planning on heading downtown to check out the counter, pick yourself up the eylash curler while you’re there. One word: AMAZING!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    do you know how much the eyelash curler is?

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