August 1, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


Ditch the Bags and the Crow’s Feet with Rodial

Maybe it’s because I have dark bags but I feel like every woman has this problem to a certain extent. Rodial, a UK-based brand, has this fab cream called SPF Glamtox Eye Light (pictured below — $62).

Keep reading to find out what makes this cream different from most other eye creams.

The reason this cream is a little different from most other is because it contains light reflective particles that will illuminate the eye area and make your eyes appear brighter than normal. This really helps counter the dark bags and give the illusion of softer skin. Plus, Glamtox Eye Light also contains SPF 15 to protect that sensitive area from sun damage which can make bags and fine lines worse.

You can find this and other fab Rodial products only at the Bay and Murale stores.


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