November 21, 2012 by Beauty Booty 411


Sephora’s Holiday Blockbuster – The Best $60 You’ll Ever Spend!

I swear, I LIVE for these blockbuster sets. Every year, Sephora comes out with one more gorgeous than the previous year’s, more compact yet even more full of makeup than ever! The Color Daze Blockbuster Set ($60) is only here for this holiday season and let me tell you, you definitely want to get this for every gal on your list – including yourself. Read on to find out why it rocks!

For starters, here’s what the set includes:

– 64 x waterproof eye shadow
– 12 x longwear cream eyeliner
– 6 x eye top coat
– 6 x lip top coat
– 48 x lip gloss
– 3 x blush
– 6 x multi-purpose cream for eye, cheek, and lip
– 3 x multi-purpose luminizer
– 3 x makeup brush
– mirror

Here are some close-up shots. This palette is complete with darks, bolds, brights, neutrals, pastels – everything your makeup routine could possibly ever require. Everything you could ever need is all in one place, making it simpler to colour coordinate and making travelling even easier for you. It folds up into such a small, compact cube that you’d never even think it contains this much!




What do you think? Is this making your wish-list this year?


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