October 3, 2013 by Beauty Booty 411


The Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection Will Knock Your Socks Off

Forgive me for my tardiness (I was away on vacay) but if you haven’t already seen the Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection, you NEED to read on right now.


I feel like this collection is so gorgeous, I don’t even need to write about it. However, writing is sort of my thing so I’m gonna go ahead and do it. The Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection is just so pretty, down to the cases the products are sold in. The Duo Eyeshadows ($50 – available in eight different combos) is just perfect. I love the gorgeous gold compacts and the fact that each palette comes with one matte powder and one luminous powder for the perfect day-to-night looks.


When it comes to the lips, Guerlain offers two amazing products: Rouge G de Guerlain ($51 – available in three deep berry shades) and Gloss D’Enfer ($32 – available in three deep berry shades with a sparkly finish). I think the lipstick works so well for daytime with its classy and elegant appeal. And I love the shimmering gloss for a night out.




And no look is complete without finishing off the complexion. Madame Rougit 4 Color Blush ($70) is definitely a luxe purchase but one that is totally worth it. To enhance the complexion, sculpt the cheek bones and highlight, this palette comes with four different shades: pale pink, beige, raspberry and coral. Each shade serves a different purpose. Combined, they create a peachy, fresh, velvety, illuminated look.


If nail polish is your poison, you may just fall in love with La Lacque Couleur ($25) in Madame Batifole. There is nothing quite like a deep berry shade for fall. It’s just timeless.


Have you seen the collection yet? Which items are your absolute faves?


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  1. Andrea B says:

    The lipstick and gloss are gorge! Love!

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