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  1. April 10, 2013 by Beauty Booty 411


    Winter Skin Care in Summer? Trust Me, You Need Eucerin!

    While this product was originally marketed to me as a winter skin care item (and it totally is), I have found the perfect summertime use for it. That is, until my husband stole my bottle and decided to make it his own. Read on to find out why intense hydration is going to be your best friend this summer!


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  2. November 7, 2012 by Beauty Booty 411


    The New Fragrance by Vince Camuto

    I first heard of Vince Camuto when I scored the perfect pair of rhinestone sandals for my best friend’s wedding online. I couldn’t believe the low price and when someone asked me if they were Jimmy Choo, I knew this designer would be one of my new faves. I was even more pleased to discover Vince Camuto goes beyond shoes and clothing. The New Fragrance by Vince Camuto is available now at The Bay. Read on to find out if this scent is for you.

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  3. May 30, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Get Your Legs Soft & Sexy This Summer With Luscious Embrace

    I’m not sure where Olay ranks on your list of top beauty brands but if isn’t up high, it should be! If you’re a frequent reader of this page, you’re just as addicted to beauty products as I am so you’ll probably love the new line of Luscious Embrace goodies as much as I do.

    I have to start with the Luscious Embrace Body Wash ($6.99 – $10.99) with Jojoba Butter and Crushed Orchid Extract. This ultra-luxurious lotion smells as divine as it sounds and I’m such a huge fan of it. If orchids aren’t your thing, you can try the Silk Whimsy Rose Extract & Almond Oil scent instead. Equally as fabulous! This body was is so nourishing and it feels so smooth on the skin. It really fills up your shower and bathroom with its sweet smelling aroma and I swear it can put you in a better mood.

    After showering, I can’t stop using the Body Lotion ($6.99 – $10.99). It’s a very light cream with a whipped texture to it yet it’s super hydrating. It doesn’t leave skin greasy either, which is often the case with scented lotions. This one absorbs quickly and leaves just a slight aroma behind. I love it. But then again, I’m addict who moisturizes my skin twice a day every day!

    With summer coming up, I have to urge you to try this out. No summer outfit looks good with dry elbows, knees or feet. (OMG, the dry feet drive me crazy!) Pick up these amazing budget-friendly goodies at a drug store near you today!

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  4. March 29, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Why Not Give Myself a True Blue Spa Day?

    I’m obsessed with the spa. If my life consisted only of spa days, I’m convinced I’d be perfectly happy. Unfortunately, I’m not as rich as my wants would like for me to be so my spa days are limited, but I do relish in the discovery of at-home spa products so I can upkeep my luxurious habits any time I want to. If you’re looking for a day of luxury, give it to yourself right after you head to Bath & Body Works and pick up these essentials.

    This tiresome winter seems to be drawing to  close but who knows when it will finally relent? I still have the problem of dry hands so it’s not time to put away the heavy-duty moisturizers just yet. My newest obsession is the True Blue Spa Super Softening Hand Lotion ($20). It contains paraffin, olive, avocado, apricot oils and vitamin E so you can imagine how creamy it is. The paraffin acts as a sealant that keeps the moisture in and leaves your hands feeling silky soft (without the grease) way longer. It also has a light citrus scent which I’m loving.

    The True Blue Spa Super Rich Body Cream ($18) is a luxe treatment that’s made with my favourite ingredient of all: shea butter. Nothing hydrates quite like it and I promise, it’s not greasy of gross. It feels like silk. Even though summertime is around the bend, a good moisturizer should always be in hand. I recommend moisturizing your whole body from head-to-toe every day for soft, supple skin.

    And with pedi-season about to debut this year, no at-home spa day would be complete without Smoothing Foot Scrub ($15). I love scrubs! They feel amazing and they leave the skin really soft and smooth. If you have dry, cracked feet from the winter, this baby is going to save your feet! Happy spa-ing!