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  1. March 23, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Radiance Shampoo That’s Great for the Earth, too!

    Green products seem to be the wave of the future so for those of you who definitely want to make a smaller carbon footprint but don’t want to sacrifice the luxuries you’re used to when it comes to beauty products, here’s one fab solution.

    Yves Rocher’s new Radiance Shampoo ($8) is going to surprise you. I hate to admit it, but I have very few expectations of products that don’t have the ingredients I’m used to. But this shampoo is absolutely fabulous. It really nourishes the hair without weighing it down. It’s suitable for almost all hair types and it’s incredibly affordable, to boot!

    Made with natural ingredients like vitamin E, lemon extract and botanical cleansing ingredients, you’re sure to get clean, luscious and eco-friendly hair with this product. Plus, whenever you buy a product from Yves Rocher’s Botanical Product Collection, one tree will be planted until 50 million new trees have been planted all over the world. So far, Yves Rocher has managed to plant 12 million. Great job!

    Get faboosh hair and do your part to save the planet at the same. Remember, Earth Day is coming up on April 22. Start thinking of ways you can help out. Radiance Shampoo will be available at Yves Rocher stores and online starting next month.

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  2. January 28, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Step Up Your Skin Care Routine with Yves Rocher

    If you’re a frequent reader of this website, you’ll know that Yves Rocher is one of my favourite brands because their products contain natural botanical ingredients to care for the skin in every way. There’s a reason why they’re the number one skin care brand in France. Plus, the anti-aging ingredients they throw in from time to time are always great.

    Yves Rocher is launching an all-new line of skin care treatments, 3 Detoxifying Teas, in February, which is actually only a few days away. I am huge skin care advocate and if anyone asks me for beauty advice, it almost always begins with a good skin care regimen. Makeup cannot perform miracles so care for your skin properly everyday.

    Above, you’ll see the Micellar Cleansing Water ($19), the first step in your skin care routine. Made for the face, eyes and lips, this product will remove all traces of makeup and impurities from the skin. With Green Tea, White Tea and Madagascar Tea extracts, it also revitalizes the skin and gives it a visibly younger look. I like the fresh sensation it leaves on my skin and I love how it removes my makeup (eyeshadow, bronzer and all) in a snap. This product is also available in a milk formula if you need extra hydration.

    Perfecting Toning Lotion ($18) has become my best-kept secret…until today, of course! Also made with tea extracts and chamomile water, this cleanser has a little something extra. It actually helps revive the skin and get rid of those nasty signs of fatigue. It’s also made with peppermint, which is an ingredient that stimulates the skin to help it recover from signs of fatigue quick. You’ll totally love!

    Once your face is clean, you have to exfoliate. I can’t stress it enough, no matter how annoying or repetitive I sound! That’s where the Exfoliating Foam Cleanser ($18) comes into play. In general, Yves Rocher products are known for being extremely gentle on the skin yet effective and this little gem is no exception. I beg you, exfoliate at least before bed (though morning and night is better). It’s the best way to achieve smooth, hydrated, younger and healthier-looking skin.

    And finally, for the gal who is often on-the-go, the Express Cleansing Wipes ($17) were made just for you. They’re easy to bring along anywhere you go (they’re coming to Jamaica with me next week!) and they provide the same amazing results as the bottled cleansers.

    These new skin care products will be hitting Yves Rocher stores next week. If you make a purchase online, remember to click on the Yves Rocher photo on the right-hand side of this page to get your free gift at checkout. Happy weekend everyone!

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