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  1. April 23, 2014 by Beauty Booty 411


    Spring 2014 Product Must-Haves

    Guest blogger: Jennifer Braun

    After a long winter , it’s finally time to play in the sun and your spring beauty routine is calling for a much-needed boost. Former Lise Watier Beauty Counter Manager and current Pharmaprix Beauty Advisor, Catherine Jetté, explains the key to spring is all about a radiant complexion and putting the accent on your lips, and cheeks. Read on to check out her product picks for the new season!

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  2. February 24, 2014 by Beauty Booty 411


    4 Things You Need to Know About Face Oils

    Guest blogger: Jennifer Braun

    When I went to Sephora earlier this month to find a new moisturizer, I was shocked when offered face oil. Having lived with acne-prone skin through all most of my teen years, my immediate reaction was a polite, “I don’t think so.” Read on to find out what changed my mind and why face oil might be exactly what you need, too.


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  3. September 22, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    New Rouge Prodige Lipstick from Clarins

    One of the hottest items for fall (as I mentioned in this article for Best Health) is ClarinsRouge Prodige Lipstick . Bursting with colour, this creamy lipstick is absolutely amazing.

    Offered in dozens of shades, Rouge Prodige is a creamy, rich lip colour that leaves lips with a satin finish. I really like the bright red hues, but there are also neutral and pink hues to suit every taste.

    The best part about the lipstick is that it doesn’t run. When lipstick bleeds into the cracks of the lips and spills out over the contour of the lips, it looks awful. Bleeding lip colours are a big no-no for me. Because Rouge Prodige is so rich, it doesn’t budge and it lasts for hours on end.

    I know we love our glosses and young women are having a little bit of difficulty letting them go, but matte lip colours really are hot for fall. I will always remain true to a few glosses, no matter the trend situation, but this year, you have to make room for a little bit of lipstick in your fall makeup collection.

    Rouge Prodige is available at Clarins counters at the Bay and Sears for $26.

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  4. May 4, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    Need it: Clarins Tan Prolonging Cream

    I just came back from a vacation in the Dominican Republic (I know…I’m sad to be back) and I swear I felt the cool Montreal weather wearing my tan away almost instantly. I know there’s no miracle cream that will make my tan last forever, but I’m all about prolonging it as long as possible. I look and feel so much better with a sun-kissed glow, don’t you?

    The Ultra-Hydrating After-Sun Moisturizer ($36) from Clarins has been my go-to cream since I got back last week. I apply it almost three times a day (I know, crazy!) This cream is not to be confused with an after-sun treatment for burns. It’s a cream to be used after you tan to keep your skin hydrated to prevent flaking.

    It leaves my skin super silky which I just love. It hydrates much more than any regular moisturizer so it prevents peeling or at least keeps it under control. I just applied some a few minutes ago and even though it’s a rich cream, it’s not greasy and is quickly absorbed into the skin.

    It brings out my tan even more so naturally, I love it. However, I’ll have to accept that eventually, my tan will fade. But with this cream, I don’t have to accept that nasty fact just yet. For now, I’m tanned and happy.

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