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  1. April 27, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Sephora Loves Canada, and We Love Them Right Back!

    Sephora’s latest combo palette is called Sephora Loves Canada and it’s totally adorable. It’s jam-packed with $60 worth of cosmetics but retails for only $18! I love me a good bargain.

    I am a huge fan of this limited edition summertime palette because it includes some of my fave colours of the season. There are 9 khaki, beige and pink eyeshadows that can be mixed and match in a million different ways. I love how this nude palette is making the most of the season’s trendiest colours.

    The palette also includes 4 romantic lip glosses varying from deep to baby pink. And to finish off your summertime look with this collection, the palette also includes a gorgeous pale pink blush to accent the cheeks and illuminate your entire face. Blush pinks and neutrals are hot for spring 2011 so this budget-friendly goody is a can’t-miss!

    It’s available at Sephora now but only for a limited time. Will you be heading to a store near you to snag this amazing product?

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  2. March 9, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    What’s on My Sephora Radar Today

    If you’ve been to Sephora lately, you may have noticed these. If you haven’t, you’ll be planning your next visit after this. Sephora has a knack for making me fall in love with products I never knew I needed. I actually get as giddy as a schoolgirl when a package from them appears at my doorstep. Most recently, I received a combo palette and everyone knows I LOVE combo palettes! They get me every time!

    What’s great about the Sephora Collection Color Diary (originally $34, now $30) is that it contains 5 separate sets of eyeshadows with a matching blush and lip gloss plus a convenient carrying case. You can actually just pop out the palette you need for the day, place it in the small, neat carrying case and have all the makeup you need to go from day to night in the palm of your hand. It fits in the smallest compartment of my purse so it’s super convenient.

    The colours really vary, which I love. It has the bold and vibrant shades that spring 2011 is calling for yet it also has the subdued earth tones that we all need. If you can believe it, my fiancé actually complemented my eyeshadow the first day I tried this palette. Weird, I know. This is also the same guy who has repeatedly asked me to stop wearing “sticky stuff” on my lips.

    This spring, you’ll also find the Sephora brand Flower Kabuki Brush Set ($41). I like kabuki brushes for applying bronzer and all-over face powder. They really evenly distribute makeup and can be very handy. I like these particular ones because they’re just adorable.

    Win an $850 hair care gift basket. Enter now!

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  3. November 25, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    Only at Sephora: Tarte Holiday Palette

    After my recent blog about the Sephora Endless Color Holiday Blockbuster, it’s not surprising that I have a few more combination makeup sets up my sleeve for the holiday season. I’m officially addicted to makeup so naturally, these oh-so-covetable sets always catch my eye.

    The Tarte Holiday Palette is always a unique one. I still use last season’s jewel-adorned palette so I know from experience that Tarte‘s high quality sets give you more bang for your buck. December is quickly approaching and if you don’t get your holiday shopping done soon, you may risk being stuck in the dreaded Christmas Eve lineups (nooooo!).

    If you’re ready to get started on your shopping, Sephora should be your first stop. The Tarte Holiday Palette ($68) is a glamorous makeup set that differs from the rest. It not only offers 32 full-size eyeshadows, 8 lip glosses, loads of great eyeliners, bronzer and highlighting powder, but the adorable gold-toned box comes with a black and gold detachable necklace. That means your beauty junkie friend can fulfill her inner fashionista at the same time.

    Give the luxurious gift of beauty this holiday season with Tarte’s ultra-glam combo kit. With colours for every occasion, your giftee will thank you all year long. If you’re a makeup aficionado like myself, it doesn’t hurt to throw one of these in the basket for yourself.

    I would never encourage my readers to spend their money unnecessarily (trust me, I work hard for mine, too). If you or your giftee love experimenting with makeup and having a colour for every occasion, this palette will be money well spent.


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