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  1. August 21, 2012 by Beauty Booty 411


    Simple Beauty: PUPA Milano Smoky Eyes Kit

    PUPA Milano, a gorgeous makeup line straight from Italy, is all I can think about these days. The products are absolutely gorgeous and my new favourite one is glued to my hands these days. Read on for deets on the Smoky Eyes Kit #03 ($32).

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  2. June 26, 2012 by Beauty Booty 411


    Smashbox Shades of Fame Eyeshadow Palette

    If you’re looking for the perfect go-to earth-toned palette with a slight kick of shimmer, Smashbox Shades of Fame Eyeshadow Palette ($55) is a must-have.

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  3. August 11, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Equinoxe: Fall 2011 Makeup by Lise Watier

    If you haven’t heard of the new fall 2011 collection from Lise Watier, allow me to give you the scoop! First off, I love this campaign image. The makeup is perfect and I absolutely adore the colours. As I said yesterday, blue is the new black this fall. Read on to see more pictures from the Équinoxe Collection.

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  4. July 28, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    OPI Presents Fall Nail Lacquers: Touring America

    Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI‘s Executive VP and Artistic Director, traveled through the good old U. S. of A. and found herself inspired by the natural beauty she spotted along the road trip. With the Touring America Collection, Suzi hopes to bring back classic autumn shades this season like khaki, rose, peach and red. I think a traditional fall palette can be hard to do because it’s hard to avoid being really monotone and boring. But I’m really impressed with this collection because among the neutral tones are some bright and funky shades that fit the theme, as well. I think it’s really well done and I am loving some of these shades ($10.95 each).

    Read on to see some of my faves up-close!

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  5. April 13, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Is This Hello Kitty Palette Not Super Adorable?

    I know, I’m a sucker for the cute and the adorable! Put it in a pretty package and I’m sold! This Limited Edition Hello Kitty earthy palette is called Memoirs of a Kitty ($46). Even the name is cute.

    Inside, you’ll find my favourite springtime shades. The neutral eyeshadows are everything we saw on the runways at fashion Week. The nude trend is as trendy in the makeup as it is in clothing. I also love the sparkling brown shade that can be used as a liner to complete the natural look, or as a crease shadow for an evening-worthy gaze.

    Under the shadows are two awesome powder blushes. There’s a rose blush and a peachy one. While the pinkish hue is super pretty, I’m so feeling peach bush this summer. I’ve become obsessed with it in the past two weeks, for some reason.

    You can snag this cutie palette at Sephora starting in May but it will only be available for a limited time.