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  1. July 4, 2014 by Beauty Booty 411


    Get Your Hair Looking Fab with Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care this Summer

    Managing your hair is a huge beauty challenge in the summer because the warmer weather (though much loved) can wreak havoc on your locks! Read on to find out more about the new Yves Rocher Botanical Hair Care line of hair products and which three products I think you most definitely need right now!

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  2. April 4, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Blonds Only Have More Fun if Their Hair is Looking Good

    Everyone seems to want to be blond, especially for the summer. But if there’s one thing I despise, it’s blonds with washed out hair that is anything but shiny and glamorous. More than with most other hair colours, blonds need to keep their colour from fading because a faded blond is just nasty.

    To keep your blond locks looking their best this summer, turn to one of my favourite salon brands, Schwarzkopf Professional. Their line of BLONDME hair products are designed specifically for your pale hair. Whether it’s hair care or styling, everything you out into that hair should be safe and recommended for blonds.

    Start with the Blond Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner ($16.25 each) for bleached or coloured blonds. The products aim to enrich blond, improve clarity and revive the coloured pigments in the hair so your ‘do always looks red carpet-ready.

    If you have flat blond hair, you want to be careful which products you turn to for volume. Product build-up can show since your hair is so light. Stick to BLONDME Volume Miracle Cream ($19.95) for volume that lasts without damaging your colour.

    If you want to keep your hairstyle in place, try the BLONDME Glorious Hold Hairspray ($17.95). While helping you achieve the perfect hairstyle, it will also protect your hair from UV damage, humidity and colour fading.

    These amazing new products will be hitting select salons this month. For more info on where to fin them call 1-800-463-3081 or email:

  3. February 3, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Detox Your Hair with Nature’s Rescue from REDKEN

    I’ve heard of lots of different kind of hair products but detoxifying hair care products that literally purify your hair and repair environmental damage are a first for me. REDKEN’s all-new Nature’s Rescue line sets out to do just that: detoxify and eliminate impurities caused by the environment. Infused with aloe vera and sea algae, your hair is in for some major moisture with this line.

    The Refreshing Detox Shampoo ($15.49) purifies hair and rids it of pollution build-up. If you use lots of products like gels and hairsprays or your hair is subject to harsh weather conditions (which is literally unavoidable in this country) then build-up can be a problem. It can make your hair flatter, more dull and less healthy-looking overall. Think of detoxifying as unclogging your pores. It will allow your hair to get its healthy shine and natural volume back.

    To complete the regimen, remember to use the Cooling Deep Conditioner ($17.89). It’s an ultra-moisturizing product that will balance your hair while keeping it hydrated and smooth. I’m a huge fan of this little gem. (Tip: Hydrated hair is less prone to static in winter.)

    If you need a quick refresher, opt for the Radiant Sea Spray ($23.39). It’s a lightweight spray that has a soft oceanic scent to it. It’ll give your hair texture and a fresh aroma. I recommend using it on a bad hair day to give your locks a little boost.

    The Nature’s Rescue line debuted at Salon Odyssée in Montreal. If you’re in the city, definitely check out this chic locale and ask about the new Nature’s Rescue line. If you’re not in Montreal, just look for a REDKEN salon in your city or call 1-866-9-REDKEN for more information.

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