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  1. March 4, 2013 by Beauty Booty 411


    Still Not Using a Serum at Night? Get on Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Already!

    I know half of you reading (if not more) are not using a serum at night. Shame! If you’re in your mid-twenties or older (yes, I said mid-twenties, not mid-forties), anti-aging is already a concern. You definitely can’t stop the hands of time (boo!) but you can care for your skin as much as possible and keep premature wrinkles at bay longer. Read on to find out why this product is now my go-to.

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  2. December 18, 2012 by Beauty Booty 411


    Last-Minute Gift Idea: Kiehl’s Hydration Essentials 2012

    Looking for the perfect gift at the right price – and fast?! If your giftee loves smooth skin, pampering oneself and complete indulgence, then Kiehl’s Hydration Essentials 2012 might be just the thing. Read on to find out why you should buy this gift set today!

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  3. December 21, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Contest of the Day: Win a $150 Kiehl’s Gift Set

    What do we not like about Kiehl’s? Nothing! I am a huge fan of Midnight Recovery Concentrate – I’m borderline obsessed. So I was really thrilled when my pals at Kiehl’s were kind enough to offer one of my very lucky readers a $150 gift set which includes….Read More to find out what’s in the gift set and how to participate.

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  4. June 16, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Father’s Day Gift Idea: Kiehl’s Limited Edition Dopp Kit

    I spend so much time pampering myself, I sometimes forget the men in our lives deserve some pampering from time to time, too. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your father, husband or boyfriend this Father’s Day, you may want to check this gift pack out.

    Scott Schuman, blogger and photographer extraordinaire, and Kiehl’s have come up with the Sartorialist for Kiehl’s Limited Edition Dopp Kit for Men ($87.50). In a stylish zippered bag, your favourite Dad will receive: Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash, Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment, Facial Fuel No-Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm, Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream – White Eagle and the “Ultimate Man” Scrub Soap.

    This gift is perfect for the traveling dad or just the man in your life whom you wish to spoil. It is currently available at Holt Renfrew only.

    Happy early Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there (especially mine)!

  5. March 16, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    My Anti-Aging Skin Care Secrets Revealed

    Kiehl’s has the secret to the fountain of youth. Ok, well maybe not, but I honestly believe this is as close as one can ever get to it. Skin care routines are never simple and never consist of a mere one or two products. Protecting your skin takes time and patience but it’s worth every penny and every minute spent on achieving it not to have even one more wrinkle than is absolutely necessary.

    First things first, my new favourite sunscreen: Super Fluid UV Defense 50 SPF ($36). With such a high SPF, my main worry with this product was that it would be thick and greasy and create oily build-up on my face. To my surprise, this super light fluid is weightless and doesn’t have the thick, gross feel traditional SPFs sometimes have. I wear it everyday because as we know, this is the only real way to prevent premature wrinkles. According to Donna Paty, Kiehl’s National Education Manager, up to 90% of wrinkles in our lifetime can be prevented with the use of SPF every single day. That’s insane! I feel like soaking my whole body in it every day just to be safe.

    While a good SPF is key, I’m a huge believer in a strong nighttime regimen. I’ve been using the Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($48) for the past couple of weeks. It’s a dry oil so even oily skins can go for it. It hydrates the skin where it’s needed and keeps it looking smooth and fresh. At night, your skin cells regenerate themselves so this is the best time to use products like this. They stimulate cellular renewal and repair the day’s damage using pure essential and botanical oils.

     The Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate ($77) is an important player for women aged 35+. However Donna Paty says it’s never too early to start and none of these products are harmful on younger skin. You just wouldn’t be using the products to their maximum potential. This serum is made with vitamin C so it feels very warm when you apply it at first. It contains lots of antioxidants so it fights free radical damage and prevents and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    For women in the 45+ range, the Rosa Arctica Rehydrating Reactivation Cream ($63) is the perfect daily moisturizer. It’s made with arctic glacier extract and Regeneration Flower extract. This is really cool actually. The Regeneration Flower is said to have survived the ice age because this flower has the ability to “sleep” or appear dead when conditions are harsh, and actually revive itself when the climate accommodates it. The restorative properties of that flower have been translated into a cream to have the same effect on the skin. It’s amazing. It’s a very thick cream so you have to be careful not to apply too much and to gently pat it into the skin rather than spread it vigorously.

    Also for older women is the Double Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler ($57). This cream smells amazing and is so light. I don’t have any deep wrinkles to fill on my face yet (thank God) but I did apply it to my knuckles. That’s probably the most wrinkly area on anyone’s body. I did that so I could see the effect of the cream and instantly, the lines appeared smoother. They obviously didn’t make them disappear but if you’re on the lookout for a product that does that, you’re likely to be searching for the rest of your life…with no success. This product is one of the fastest acting I’ve ever seen.

    I am a huge Kiehl’s fan so I definitely recommend these products. If you’re unsure, don’t be shy. Head to a Kiehl’s store and ask an expert there for some advice. That’s what they’re there for and they’ll be glad to help you. What works for me or someone else, may not be what’s right for you. Your skin will be part of you for the rest of your life, so take care of it before it’s too late. (I know that sounds harsh but you know what I mean!)

    P.S. There is an amazing new Kiehl’s skin care line coming out in July that I am going to start using this week. I can’t wait to share the deets with you!

    Enter to win this amazing sunless tanning kit from M.U.S.S.T.!

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  6. November 29, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    Jeff Koons Limited Edition Creme de Corps From Kiehl’s

    I thought I’d start off the week by diving, yet again, into the holiday spirit. However, today’s featured items are different from most of the ones I’ve shared with you the last few weeks. The Jeff Koons Limited Edition Creme de Corps Collection from Kiehl’s is the gift that gives back.

    This holiday season, when you purchase the Creme de Corp Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter ($45) or the Creme de Corp Body Moisturizer (250ml, $37.50; 500ml with pump $62) you will be supporting the Koons Family Institute, an initiative of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. Giving one of the Jeff Koons Limited Edition Creme de Corps Collection items as holiday gift this year means you can help Kiehl’s and the Jeff Koons Institute raise $200,000 for this fabulous cause.

    As someone who adores the buttery soft feeling of a Kiehl’s nourishing body cream, I can tell you that there can’t possibly be many people who wouldn’t love to receive this as a gift this year. As always, Kiehl’s offers up high quality body care products that are sure to leave any skin type feeling luxuriously hydrated, smooth and supple thanks to naturally moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and jojoba butter.

    Plus, if you visit the Nutcracker Market (located at 1001 Place Jean-Paul Riopelle, The Palais des Congrès de Montréal) between noe and December 4, 10% of your purchases from the Kiehl’s booth will be donated to Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, which supports the Nutcracker Fund for Children, a charity that gives ill and disadvantaged children the chance to experience a perfomance of The Nutcracker. So you can feel doubly good about your purchases that day!

    Kudos to Kiehl’s for embarking on such inspiring projects this holiday season. Oh, and one last thing. There will also be workshops that day hosted by Kiehl’s representatives between 2:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m on Saturday, December 4. These workshops will help you find the ideal products for your skin type.

    Happy Monday, everyone!

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  7. June 18, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    A Few More Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Just in case some of you are as last-minute as I am, I thought you might be looking for a couple more gift ideas for Dad. (FYI, Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, in case you didn’t already know.)

    I really like these LUSH Solid Shampoos ($9.95). I think it’s such a great idea. The shampoo bars are solid products that are easy for the man on-the-go to carry around with him. If your Dad (or even your boyfriend) is a traveller and loves convenience (as everyone does) then this is the ideal budget buy. Plus, it’s a great gym bag essential. They come in a variety of fragrances and last for up to 70 washes!

    Next up is a gift set from Kiehl’s. I don’t think I need to tell you why Kiehl’s is fabulous. If you’ve ever tried one of their products, you know they’re nourishing and long-lasting. This ensemble is a great gift idea for Dad this Father’s Day. It comes with Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash 75ml ($11.00), Facial Fuel 75ml ($30.00), Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream – White Eagle 75ml ($12.50) and “Ultimate Man” Body Scrub Soap ($17.00). A man who like to care for his skin but doesn’t necessarily have the time or is always on-the-go will truly appreciate this gift.

    Now hurry up! You only have a few days left to shop.

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    PLUS, don’t forget to enter the St. Ives contest! Only a few days left to enter to win the $100 skin care basket! Good luck.