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  1. April 11, 2012 by Beauty Booty 411


    How to Wash Your Face – Fast – And Win My Time-Saving Product

    I’d like to say I’m a super busy person with little time for pampering but the truth is, I’m kinda just a little bit lazy. But going to bed with makeup on is a no-no for me so I always wipe it off. A couple of weeks ago, I got this bottle of Weleda One-Step Cleanser and Toner and now washing up is faster than ever. Read on to find out how you can win your own bottle!

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  2. July 27, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Loves: OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers in Hibiscus Blossom

    I’m so into OPI Avojuice hand and body lotions. I have been carrying a tiny peach-scented bottle around with me for the longest time. I adore the super fruity smells and the creams are so hydrating, yet non-greasy. They really feel fantastic on the skin and the sweet smell is just an added bonus! And since they’re made by OPI, you know they’re going to be great for nails, too. This new scent, Hibiscus Blossom, is made with avocado and aloe extracts so it really penetrates the skin, soothes and smoothes.

    You can pick up this new scent now at professional spas and salons where OPI products are sold. The 200ml bottle retails for only $9.95. Have you tried these fab lotions before? Or are you an Avojuice Newbie?


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  3. June 21, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Everything You Need to Know About Sun Safety

    I feel like a broken record but it would appear some of you (like my fashion blogging buddy – who got a nasty burn this past weekend) don’t seem to understand how important sun safety really is.  I grew up in a world where parents were not cautioned to put sunscreen on their children, but today we know better and when it comes to SPF, you just can’t over do it.

    The first thing you need to remember is that while you should have SPF on your face every day, you especially need a UVA and UVB blocker when out in the sun for extended periods of time. Luckily, Hawaiian Tropic has just released the most awesome sunscreen ever. Shimmer Effect Sunscreen SPF 15 ($9.99) is the ultimate sunscreen for the beauty addict. It protects while hydrating the skin with antioxidants (which fight free radicals and other causes of premature aging) and leaves the skin with a lustrous, shimmering finish. It’s perfect for getting that sexy Victoria’s Secret model look on the beach. And I’m n love with the signature coconut scent.

    If you’re looking for a basic sunscreen, I like Marcelle CLIMATIK Protective Cream SPF 30 ($19.50). This non-greasy formula is perfect if you’re planning on staying outside all day. Just remember, as with all sunscreens, it’s super important to reply ever 1 to 2 hours. There are NO exceptions to this rule, no matter your skin type.

    Although sin cancer is a major concern, you should also be sure to protect your lips from the harmful effects of the sun. I’m in love with this buttery Marcelle CLIMATIK Lip Balm SPF 30 ($6.95). It keeps my lips hydrated, protected and silky smooth. Plus, this easy-to-use tube makes is simple to apply.

    If by some odd chance you choose to ignore all of my good advice (which is the same advice and beauty or health expert will give you) then be sure to invest in some after-sun treatments. While these products cannot undo the permanent damage the sun can cause, they can help soothe a nasty burn. Although, as my personal beauty trick, I use after-sun treatment after tanning even though I’m not burnt. It hydrates the skin and prolongs the tan.

    I am obsessed with the Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect After Sun Moisturizer (9.99) and its divine coconut aroma. It makes my skin very smooth and keeps my tan going. If you don’t want a shimmering finish, I’d recommend Yves Rocher Protectyl Soleil Végétale 3-in-1 After Sun Lotion ($14) for the body and Anti-Wrinkle Sun Care ($18) for the face. They’re both so super nourishing, great for a burn and just plain luxurious.

    Are you all about protecting your skin in the sun or are you guilty of being irresponsible with your skin for the sake of a good tan? (FYI, a tan that develops slowly with SPF, lasts way longer.)

  4. January 13, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Have a Spa day at Home with Sephora’s New Skin Care Collection

    Sephora has touched new ground yet again by launching their very own skin care line. The line is so complete that I can’t share my opinion on every single product in it in one post, but today I’ll give you a quick peak at some of my favourite staples.

    I have to start with the Super Supreme Body Butter ($30). In winter especially, I moisturize my skin from head-to-toe every single day and this rich, luxurious cream has made it such a soothing experience. The jar is huge! I’ve actually never seen body butter sold in such a large container. This means your $30 is sure to go a long way. Plus, the cream leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, soft and beautiful. I really feel like I’m spoiling myself with this one.

    Another can’t-live-without beauty product is the Nourishing Hand Cream ($8). This handbag essential is one no gal should do without. I think every handbag I own has a tube of hand cream in it because I’m obsessed with treating and preventing dry hands. (It’s so irritating to have dry skin!) I like this one because it’s made with nourishing ingredients that absorb quickly into the skin yet keep it hydrated for hours. No oily residue here.

    The next staple product for me is the Instant Eye Makeup Remover ($6 for small bottle, $10 for larger bottle). The first rule of skin care is to always wash your makeup off before going to bed. Makeup clogs up pores while you sleep and not only creates acne, but adds to the aging process by adding excess oil to your skin. Sometimes, when I have a smoky eye or shimmering shadow, washing it off can be a mess. I like to wipe away the excess with makeup remover and then wash up. Sephora products never disappoint so there’s no way you won’t be satisfied with this one.

    And finally, one of my ultimate favourites, the Double Duty Exfoliator & Mask ($22). This item is perfect for the multitasking lady who wants fab skin without devoting hours of her day to getting it. This 2-in-1 product exfoliates the skin deeply yet gently (you should be exfoliating every single day!) and acts as a mask, too. Exfoliation is important for preventing premature wrinkles and allowing your fresher, more radiant skin to shine through. The mask is great for tightening the skin and deeply hydrating it so winter’s cool temperatures won’t ravage it. So there, even the busiest of women has no excuse not to care for her skin.

    Sephora’s amazing new skin care collection, which is chock full of way more goodies than I can share with you today, is sure to be the answer to your skin care woes. Check out the new products in stores or online today!


    Say Goodbye to Winter Skin Problems
    Kick Off 2011 With Great Skin

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  5. October 20, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    Buy of the Week: Limited Edition Arnica Hand Cream from Yves Rocher

    To support the fight against breast cancer, Yves Rocher is offering up an awesome hand cream you won’t want to pass up. Yves Rocher will donate $2 from the purchase of every tube of Arnica Essential Daily Moisturizer ($4.95) to one of my favourite charitable organizations, Look Good, Feel Better.

    Look Good, Feel Better offers workshops to women battling cancer to teach them how to make themselves feel pretty during an extremely difficult and emotionally tiring experience. Since 2001, Yves Rocher and its loyal clientele have helped raise over $390,000 for this phenomenal association and this year, you can join the fight, too.

    There are tons of great products you can buy this year to help support the cause and I think useful products we need anyway are a great way to contribute. No one should be leaving the house without a tube of moisturizing hand cream, especially with the harsh winter creeping up on us. Keep a tube in your desk or in your handbag at all time to keep your hands soft and smooth. Besides looking nasty, dry hands can be painful and extremely uncomfortable.

    This cream is enriched with arnica so it keeps hands smooth, moist and protected. Pick up your tube this month at Yves Rocher stores or online.

    Support Breast Cancer Research with P&G Beauty Products
    Beauty for Breast Cancer Research
    Fight Breast Cancer with Tweezerman

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