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  1. March 1, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Repair Split Ends with NEXXUS Pro-Mend Hair Products

    This month, NEXXUS is releasing their all-new Pro-Mend collection. Believe it or not, this collection aims to reconnect already split ends while preventing future split ends. Sound unbelievable? Well believe it! They’re definitely not miracle products or something far-fetched, but they actually do help repair split ends. Positive and negatively charged ions work together to mend split ends. The whole scientific process can be a little complex, but all you really need to know is that the products do work.

    Using the shampoo and conditioner regularly (which is what I’ve been doing for the last two months) will give your hair a softer feel and reduce the appearance of split ends. Those nasty white tips really mess up a hairstyle. Made with coconut oil, amino acids and keratin, Pro-Mend Shampoo ($9.99) and Pro-Mend Conditioner ($14.99) intensely nourish and protect hair while repairing damage.

    After cleansing,  don’t skimp on the Split-End Binding Targeted Leave-In Creme ($9.99). Leave-ins should really be a no-brainer. They deeply penetrate the hair and hydrate. This particular one also repairs split end damage and helps keep tips whole.

    If you have a big split end problem and use heated styling tools too much, you definitely want to get acquainted with Split-End Binding Overnight Treatment Creme ($14.99). Unlike the leave-in treatment, this one should be applied to dry hair. It may feel like you’re dirtying your hair at first but the product actually dries up very quickly because the hair absorbs it. Just apply it to your ends every night and go to sleep. The next morning your hair will look and feel healthy, smooth and split-end free.

    And last but not last, this collection includes Heat Protector Styling Spray ($12.99). While the Pro-Mend collection repairs damage, it’s always easier to prevent damage than it is to repair it. Remember that if you have long hair, the ends of your hair have been with you for years, facing harsh winters, humid temperatures and other environmental damage. It has been dealing with your heated styling tools for too long. If you use a flat iron, you absolutely need a thermal protector like this.

    The all-new Pro-Mend collection from NEXXUS, my newest fave products, are hitting pharmacies today! Who says fabulous hair has to cost a fortune?

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  2. March 18, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    Get soft silky hair? Don’t mind if I do!

    I’m pretty sure I’m not the only lady in the world who wants silky smooth hair so I’ll share my secret with you. I contemplated keeping it all to myself but then whatever would I blog about?

    This Humectress Hydrating Treatment Deep Conditioner from Nexxus is my new BFF. When I first got the product, I was told I only needed to use it once a week to keep my hair healthy. But I’m a big cheater. I loved the texture of my hair after using it the first time that I decided to use it everytime I wash my hair. So far, I love it! It replaced my usual conditioner which I have been using for years.

    The Nexxus line is a salon line so you know you’re getting a great product. If it’s good enough for a pricey salon hairstyle, then it’s good enough for me. Plus, it retails at your local pharmacy for only $14.99. If you want great hair for any less than that, you’ll be seriously disappointed.

    Ok, so my secret’s out. What are your hair care secrets?

    (P.S. The entire Nexxus line is available at wallet-friendly prices in Canadian drug stores.)

  3. March 17, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    Day One: Start blogging

    I’m no stranger to blogging but this time, I’m doing it for me. You may have read my blogs on That’s what I’ve been doing with myself since graduation. But now I’m on my own!

    Before getting into the beauty juice, how about you get to know me first? I’m 25-years-old and I am a self-proclaimed beauty expert (addict and expert mean the same thing more or less, right?). I am definitely a makeup junkie so if it exists, I’ve probably tried it.

    I’ve recently become obsessed with hair products, too. So much so that I may need a bigger bathroom to accomodate all the products I have decided I can’t live without. (Is wanting more volume a crime?)

    In an introductory blog, I should probably tell you what you’re gonna get here. I test products for you. If you buy yourself a lip gloss and decide the texture is too sticky (hate that!) you most likely can’t return it. So save yourself some cash and listen to me. I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t from two points of view: that of an expert beauty editor and that of a consumer.

    Desperate to find a moisturizing conditioner? Been there done that. Tomorrow I’ll give you the scoop on one of my faves.

    By the way, that’s me in the picture (obviously). It’s always nice to put a face to a name isn’t it? Be sure to check in with me regularly. I’ll always have the scoops on the latest products from awesome brands like Nexxus, St. Ives, Noir Cosmetics, Lancôme, Lush and loads more (including your fave luxury buys).

    See you tomorrow!