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  1. January 9, 2014 by Beauty Booty 411


    Take a Break from Winter with BRAZIL by OPI for Spring 2014

    I don’t know about you, but wearing 12 layers of clothing just to stand out side for five minutes is just killing me! I am in desperate need of a break from this bitter cold, and I’m sure you are, too. Get your brain in the springtime mindset with this festive new collection from OPI, launching in just a few short weeks. Read on to find out more about this beachy collection.

    Brazil Group Shot

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  2. June 10, 2013 by Beauty Booty 411


    Get a Salon Mani at Home with Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish

    Gel manis are the most popular nail products at the moment and why wouldn’t they be? No dry time, thicker, stronger nails that don’t break and loads of gorgeous nail colour shades to choose from. I tested out the Kiss Everlasting line of products on my best friend. Find out how the products ranked for me.


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  3. June 28, 2012 by Beauty Booty 411


    Misa: My Neon Pink Polish for the Summer

    I’m neon obsessed this year – I can’t help but be attracted to anything that pops when I have a tan. Not that I actually have one now, but that’s neither here nor there. The important part is that this Misa Nail Lacquer is hot!

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  4. June 7, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Get the Perfect Pedicure This Summer…Please!

    If there’s one thing I hate seeing in summertime, it’s dry, cracked feet in a pair of sexy slingback sandals. You can go for the trendiest polish of the summer on your toes but if your feet aren’t in great shape, it won’t look fab at all.

    Give yourself a pedicure with Yves Rocher’s new collection called Organic Lavender for Beautiful Feet. The products hit stores this month. I received my samples for testing about a month or so ago and I’ve been an addict ever since. Here are the products:

    Lavender Effervescent Tablet – $2
    Just toss this little gem into a pail of water and soak your tired feet in it for about five to 10 minutes. This will soften your skin and make removing calluses and other unsightly foot conditions with ease.

    Polishing Foot Scrub – $11
    This sweet-smelling scrub feels amazing. Scrub all around your feet and toes to get rid of dry or cracked skin, especially around the heels.

    Foot Repair Balm – $17
    After soaking and scrubbing, apply this nourishing moisturizer to get your feet feeling as soft and smooth as possible.

    Nourishing Foot Cream – $9
    To keep your feet silky smooth all summer long, apply some of this every night before bed.

    12H Foot Deodorant Cream – $16
    This organic lavender cream will keep your feet from falling victim to foul smell. If you tend to have this problem. Try this cream every day to keep your feet fresh and smelling great.

    Anti-Fatigue Iced Gel – $9
    This is by far my fave in the bunch. This extra cool gel works wonders after a long, hard day at work. Use it to rub your aching feet when you get back from work and I swear, you’ll be amazed by the spa-quality results.

  5. May 25, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Python Pedicures? Um, I Loves!

  6. July 2, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    Must-have: LUSH Sole Revival Kit

    Despite the not-so-hot wether we’ve been getting the last couple of days here in Montreal, summer is here and sandal weather is in full swing. The only thing that kills a great pair of summer sandals and a pretty pedicure are dry, cracked feet. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money at the salon, you might want to try LUSH’s Sole Revival Kit.

    At only $20, this collection of 7 foot products is exactly what you need to keep your feet hydrated and looking smooth. The kit contains a Volcano Foot Mask. If you’ve never tried a foot mask before, take my word for it. You need it. It feels so great when you rinse off the mask. It’s like a facial for your footsies.

    The kit also has Little Feet Bath Bombs (shaped like feet–so adorable!), Body Butter, Foot Lotion and Lemon Flutter Cuticle Butter. It’s everything you need to give yourself a spa-worthy pedicure at a wallet-friendly price.

    Get to a LUSH location near you to check out this kit (which is too cute for words) and more of their handmade, luxurious soaps.

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    Give yourself the perfect pedicure
    The polish-free chip-resistant pedicure
    Hot Right Now: Neon Pink Nail Polish

  7. May 5, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    Give yourself the perfect pedicure

    Although the fluctuations in temperature have us sort of confused and worried that summer may not ever come, pedicure season has begun and it’s time to get your toesies sandal-ready. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than a gorgeous pair of strappy sandals attached to a poorly manicured foot.

    And by pedicure, I’m not just talking about my pretty toe nail polish. You’ve got to get your feet looking and feeling smooth and silky. Principessa is one of my favourite go-to beauty brands. This Vancouver-based line is not only super cute, but the products are wallet-friendly.

    I am currently obsessed with the Deluxe Pedicure Set ($32). It contains a pink nail file, toe separators, a nail brush, foot file, spa socks and an utterly fantastic foot balm. The foot file is really great for getting rid of dead skin. Just soak your feet in warm water for about 10 minutes first to make the job easier. You’ll have silky smooth feet in no time.

    After smoothing my feet, I apply the foot balm which is made up of shea butter (love anything and everything with shea butter), vitamin E and natural fruit acids. It’s so smooth and it really softens my feet. You only need to use this cream once in a while but I find myself using it everyday. Thank God for those spa socks. While my feet absorb the balm, I keep them in the spa socks to make sure no cream rubs off on my slippers.

    I like to finish off a good pedi with pretty nail polish but if that’s not your thing, at least opt for the Deluxe Pedicure Set to keep your feet looking smooth, soft and summer-ready!

    For more info on Principessa‘s adorable product line, check out their website:

    Plus, you can even check out Principessa’s blog.

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  8. April 20, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    The polish-free, chip-resistant pedicure

    The weather has taken a turn for the beautiful in Montreal (which doesn’t happen too often) and I’ve got nothing but summer on the brain. I actually just booked a last-minute-trip to Punta Cana, too so beaches, sandals and everything summer are all I can think about today.

    Yesterday, I realized my toesies weren’t exactly beach-ready. I called Coiffure de Neuville salon in Montreal to see if Marilyne Gerbeau (THE biosculpture gel expert) could squeeze me in for an emergency pedi. Thankfully, she was able to. I got a gel pedicure, which is certainly no ordinary pedicure.

    Instead of nail polish, I had biosculpture gel placed on my toe nails. Don’t confuse this with resin gel which can damage your natural nails. Think of biosculpture as a very thick layer of nail polish that won’t chip, crack or peel off. Plus, you don’t have to wait for it to dry. The gel dries under a UV lamp for two minutes and then you’re ready to go. I put my socks back on immediately after without a problem. I even had a cute little picture stamped on it.

    This pedicure is a great option for anyone who (like me) is too impatient to wait for polish to dry and who doesn’t want to redo their toe polish every two weeks. The next best part is that this pedicure lasts six to eight weeks, depending on how quickly your nails grow. During that time, the colour on your nails won’t fade or chip, even if you happen to go on vacation and swim in salt water (which normally yellows the nails). So you basically only need to have the pedi done twice a year and you’ll have shiny, picture-perfect toe nails all summer long.

    Marilyne charges $45 at Coiffure de Neuville in Anjou for the biosculpture gel pedicure. For more information, call De Neuville at 514-353-8800.

    Now all I have to do pack and I’m off for some fun in the sun this Thursday morning. Don’t worry, I’ll still have plenty of blogs to keep you entertained while I’m away.

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