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  1. April 5, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Olay Cleansers are Giving Me Fabulous Skin

    My new favourite skin care products are these amazing Olay 2-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths. They’re super soft pieces of fabric that have dried soap in them. So all you have to do is wet them and just like that, you’ve got a foamy wash cloth. I loves these wipes because they really clean up the dirt that’s deep down in the skin and at the same time, they exfoliate.

    I’m an exfoliating nut! It’s the best way to keep your skin glowing all the time. Plus, it helps get rid of dry, cracked skin, blemishes and those annoying little blackheads. I’d recommend these for anyone with oily/combination skin. I have some oily spots but the rest is dry and these work perfectly for my skin and they really clear up the T-zone.

    If you have shiny skin, you need a remedy for that. As summer approaches, that shiny skin problem is going to get worse. Don’t think makeup alone will solve that problem. To bring down the shine, try the Olay Shine Control Lathering Cleanser. This product will help balance your skin’s pH and make shiny skin a thing of the past.

    If your main concern is acne, then go for the Olay Acne Control Face Wash instead. It deeply cleanses the skin, treats breakouts and prevents future breakouts.

    Olay is one of my favourite brands because it’s easily accessible, wallet-friendly and the products really work. Don’t be sucked in by fancy ads. More expensive products aren’t necessarily better. Head to a pharmacy near you to pick up one of these skin-saving goodies.

  2. March 15, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Sensitive Eye Solutions from Cliniderm

    I love me a smoky eye but at the end of the night, getting off all those layers of eyeshadow, liner, mascara and false eyelash glue isn’t exactly an easy task. Unfortunately, I have very sensitive eyes so I’m super careful about eye makeup removers and creams. Anything around the eye around has to be extremely gentle.

    For removing my makeup, I really like the Cliniderm Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Cream ($19 — keep reading to find out how to score it for less!). This creamy product wipes makeup off instantly, doesn’t sting the eyes and is ultra-moisturizing and refreshing. The skin around the eyes is so sensitive so you really want to avoid products that will dry it out and lead to premature wrinkles. And of course, you all use makeup remover because you listen to my advice and never go to bed with makeup, on!

    Once you’re all cleaned up, I hate to say it, but if you’re 25+ you need to start some preventative anti-wrinkle treatment. The eye area can wrinkle before the rest of your face because the skin is so delicate. So you need an anti-wrinkle cream that’s both effective yet gentle. I like the Cliniderm Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream ($29 — discount price details below). This product includes vitamin C which you can actually feel working. It warms up the skin and is one of the best ingredients for anti-aging creams.


    If you’re in Montreal you can score each of these products for 15% off just for being a BB411 reader. Head to the Proxim pharmacy in the Seaforth Medical Centre on Guy just north of Sherbrooke St. (3550 Cote des Neiges) and visit the pharmacist, Daron Basmadjian. If you mention that you read about this offer on my website, you’ll receive these products for 15% off the above mentioned prices. My gift to you.

    A huge thanks to my fave pharmacy!

    *Offer valid until September 15, 2011.

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  3. April 13, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    Dry shampoo: Does it really work?

    I was a little skeptical about washing my hair without water but, yes, dry shampoo actually works. I wouldn’t rely on it completely and never wash my hair with shampoo and water again but it’s great for travelling or a quick touch up.

    If you don’t have time to wet and blow dry your hair, dry shampoo can be a life saver. Tres Emme‘s Fresh Start line has three products that I adore and they’re all available in pharmacies right now for only $6.49 each.

    The Waterless Foam Shampoo and Dry Shampoo are great for adding instant volume. If you don’t wash your hair every day (as you shouldn’t!) then your locks can fall flat before your next wash. There might be some oily build up, too. Fresh Start Dry Shampoo will dry up excess oil and add instant lift to your ‘do. The Waterless Foam is best for dry to normal hair. To get the feeling of clean, spray a light layer of Refreshing Mist. It’ll give your hair a fresh scent and will add some shine, too.

    Again, I wouldn’t suggest you do away with your hair dryer and regular shampoo altogether, but you can definitely rely on dry and waterless shampoos to get your hair through one more day. If you’re travelling, dry shampoo will be your BFF! No water, no mess, plus it’s quick and easy. Just like that, your hair will be clean and refreshed with a volume boost.
    My personal tip: Sometimes, I spray my roots with dry shampoo the day after I wash my hair. It doesn’t need to be washed, but the spray lifts hair from the roots for great volume so my hair looks great even after I’ve slept on it. No more flat locks for me!
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  4. March 18, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    Get soft silky hair? Don’t mind if I do!

    I’m pretty sure I’m not the only lady in the world who wants silky smooth hair so I’ll share my secret with you. I contemplated keeping it all to myself but then whatever would I blog about?

    This Humectress Hydrating Treatment Deep Conditioner from Nexxus is my new BFF. When I first got the product, I was told I only needed to use it once a week to keep my hair healthy. But I’m a big cheater. I loved the texture of my hair after using it the first time that I decided to use it everytime I wash my hair. So far, I love it! It replaced my usual conditioner which I have been using for years.

    The Nexxus line is a salon line so you know you’re getting a great product. If it’s good enough for a pricey salon hairstyle, then it’s good enough for me. Plus, it retails at your local pharmacy for only $14.99. If you want great hair for any less than that, you’ll be seriously disappointed.

    Ok, so my secret’s out. What are your hair care secrets?

    (P.S. The entire Nexxus line is available at wallet-friendly prices in Canadian drug stores.)