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  1. June 23, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Délice de Soleil: Your Answer to Sunless Tanning

    This week, I told you all about what you can do to protect your skin in my sunscreen blog post but I know many of you still want to look tanned – and who could argue with you? You may want to try out the latest product from Bourjois Paris, which is slated to hit stores next Friday, July 1.

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  2. June 2, 2010 by Beauty Booty 411


    How to use MAC’s new To The Beach makeup collection

    The latest collection from MAC, To The Beach, hit stores last week. The limited edition collection is chock full of fabulous bronzers, highlighting powders and loads of other summer-glow-friendly products. Playing on coral shades, shimmering body lotion and creamy bronzers, the new collection is sure to complement your complexion this summer by giving your face a seamless, bronzy finish.

    The collection (which I am currently obsessing over) includes both powder and creamy bronzers and even the lipsticks and eyeshadows are intended to enhance a sun-kissed glow. This reminded me that, all too often, I spot women wearing their bronzers all wrong! The wrong shade, the wrong finish, too much, too little, too orange–the list goes on. So I figured, who better to ask about applying bronzer than the experts themselves?

    Caitlin Callahan, Senior Makeup Artist at MAC Cosmetics, took the time to give me a few quick and simple tips to help all of you Beauty Booty readers find out how to use this all-new collection to achieve a picture perfect look.

    BB411: Do you have any tips to help consumers shop for the right shade of bronzer?
    CC: Go as light as you can for your skin colour. That way, if you accidentally apply too much it won’t be a disaster. Generally speaking, fairer skin tones should look for golden-yellowish undertones while deeper skin tones are flattered by bronzy-reds.

    BB411: What tools should women use to apply bronzer best?
    CC: A soft, round brush. Avoid a paddle shaped, or flat brush as the product may payoff too streaky. Use the tip of the rounded brush in your bronzer (powder or cream) then blend on the skin using circular motions.

    BB411: Should women apply bronzer all over the face or only in certain areas?
    CC: Certain areas! Start applying under the cheekbones as a soft shadow. As the bronzer wears off the brush, apply to the apples of the cheek, temples, forehead and finally a light sweep through the t-zone. That’s the sun-kissed effect! If your neck needs a little bronzing too, wait until the end and just use up whatever is left on the brush.

    BB411: Are there any bronzer faux pas women should try to avoid?
    CC: Applying evenly all over your face – instant pumpkin.

    BB411: What is the difference between the MAC To The Beach Cream Bronzer and the Powder Bronzer?
    CC: Cream bronzers are great for normal to dry skin (or everyone over 35!). Healthy skin is naturally dewy so using as little powder as possible looks more natural and youthful.

    MAC’s To The Beach collection is available now but only for a limited time.  If you have any other questions about bronzer or any other kind of beauty products, just ask me :)

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