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  1. January 3, 2013 by Beauty Booty 411


    The Best and Worst Celebrity Beauty Looks of 2012

    The beginning of a new year has come and hopefully, it will be a great one for all of you. As usual, when ringing in a new year, it’s customary to look back on the previous one and nit-pick at all the horrible styles you hope died along with that year. And of course, we definitely take a look at a few looks we hope will remain. Read on to find out which celebrity looks I hope find a place in 2013 and which looks I pray are dead and buried in 2012!

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  2. January 17, 2011 by Beauty Booty 411


    Golden Globes: Celebrity Hits and Misses

    I look forward to award shows only to see the red carpet looks of my favourite stars. I love the see the elegant dresses of stars like Katherine Zeta Jones and the quirky ensembles put together by out-there stars like Helena Bonham Carter (two different colour shoes? She’s awesome).

    One of my all-time favourite actresses is the talented and ridiculously beautiful Halle Berry. I loved her look last night. From her tousled hair to her subdued makeup and nude lips, she perfectly offset her elegant and super sexy outfit. The reason I love her subdued makeup is because it shows us all that you don’t need three pounds of makeup to look marvellous. True, Halle has got some amazing genes that we all wish we had, but her subtle smoky eye and natural lips made her look classic, elegant and chic, as usual.

    I think Natalie Portman’s look was also a huge hit. She looked so adorable in that pink Viktor & Rolf gown which complemented her natural pregnancy glow. Natalie went for the just bitten red lips look and it worked. She matched it with a sophisticated hair twist and it was the perfect combo. Congrats on this mommy-to-be’s Golden Globe win for her role in Black Swan and congrats on her Beauty Booty-approved look.

    January Jones. What can I say? I was a little on the fence about her look but in the end, I’ve decided I love it. Her scarlet red lips and vamp blond hairstyle gave her an old Hollywood look. The bright red dress (which seemed to be the colour of choice for most celebs, along with forest green) tells me that red is going to be a hot trend this spring so it’s nowhere near over in the beauty world. Get yourself a scarlet red lip colour ASAP.

    Speaking of Scarlett, this brings to my one style diss of the evening. Scarlett Johansson’s hairstyle was, unfortunately, just atrocious. It sort of reminded me of the Bride of Frankenstein’s hairdo and I really didn’t like it. It wouldn’t have matched quirky celeb but I expected more elegance and sophistication from this bombshell. Overall: disappointed.

    Which celebs do you think rocked it last night? And which ones do you think need to hire new stylists?

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